Real Ways to Make Money Online in Pakistan

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Making Money is most discussed topic now a days because of sudden noticeable improvements and growth of information technology in our country, every body wants to earn money without investment and that's true but unfortunately when most of us search about this topic then how it is possible to get some extra income from doing jobs online he/she got 90% plus fake and wrong directions. Like, daily ads posting, clicking, email checking, automated adsense income generator or much more scam sites which is waste of your efforts as well as your precious time and pays you nothing in return. So, today I will let you know about how possible you can earn dollars in pakistan for college students and teenagers.

Important questions and answers with details.


In pakistan can i make money or not?

Yes, its pretty sure that you can make money in pakistan and hundreds of pakistani males and females are already earning huge.


Can i earn free without investment?

Yes, it really don't needs of any investment it 100% free of cost way but their is some points which i will clear below.


What are the legit and best ways?

Be patient, you are at the right place where you will find possible real and legit ways for doing work online and get paid.


I have no skills, can i participate?

Yes, if you even don't know computer languages you can still be part of this game by writing quality articles and run a successful blog.

Let's start the detailed version of the this hot topic in pakistan of earning money online free without any investment. Blow i have mention three general ways to start your way to generate a decent income first to last with respect to bestiality.

Start Career with Blogging

If you are new to make money online then i will personally recommend you to earn via blogging or from websites because this the only way from you can make hundreds of dollars in a day and its true. now question is that how to make money from websites? it can be complex for new people but let me clear that you have to create website where you will write or provide quality content to your visitors make your blog or website popular on all major search engines get more visits from better search results and when you establish your website successfully you can apply for different advertising programs who pays you for advertisements as pay per click basis. I know you got confuse but its really great and reliable way to earn long time in pakistan which many of our pakistani bloggers are doing and getting paid 1000s of dollars a day. If you are serious about this method then you can contact us we will guide you how to take further steps about domain name, hosting and using about adsense on it.

Legit Ways for Online Money

Earn Money By Skills

If you are one of them who want to earn money by using your area of expertise or feild in which you can perform more efficiently rather then others, like web developer, graphic designer, software engineer and SEO expert. You want yourself to be hired by some and work from home in your field then go to, or these sites are 100% legit who pays for your works they charge little amount as per project and ensure you about your payment for any project is secure which is handled by third party. You just have to sign up on these websites, complete your profile add your skills don't forget to add your experience if you have any and build a strong trustworthy feedback to maintain ratting. You can browse new project, search for appropriate jobs which you can do on time and apply for it. If job poster chose you then submit your project within time and get paid in Pakistan via payoneer master card through ATMs around you.

Selling Small Jobs or Services

If you are not interested in creating a website and still want to earn from home without investing at all then i will further guide you how it is possible to still make enough amount of dollars that not even support your pocket money, you will able to save huge if you are just a crazy about creativeness. You have to offer creative, skillful, valuable to your buyer littlie services, go to or and sign up there. now properly establish your profile and create jobs whatever you can do for $5 or more. for example you create gig as "i will help for your programming assignments for $5" I am pretty sure that fiverr is great platform where you can perform awesomly because there are countless audience always in search for small job like you created and if get orders then you have to deliver it on time and that's it but it requires paypal account which is not available in pakistan to withdraw your funds. you can get payal in pakistan by clicking here you can also use another payment method which is payoneer master card to get your dollars right into you hand via nearest ATM machines. There are also other sites who allow us to get some extra income for doing little things like sign ups, give positive reviews etc.

There are many other real ways to earn money online but i have discussed only most efficeient and to the point which surely gives you results in sense of geting paid online. Again i will reccomend every one to choose blogging as passain and establish their blog by registering your own domain name today for hosting or domain registration we can help or even setup blog, write a unique quality content and apply for google adsense account.