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The Online Jokes Sites
Top Online Joke Sites - Jokes Sites Directory a directory of top online jokes sites. Choose from a list of trusted online jokes sites and humor sites.
Jokes and funny articles, lawyer jokes, best jokes, best programming jokes, quick humor...
Jokes in Urdu
Urdu Jokes - Urdu Funny Jokes - Pakistani Jokes in Urdu - Urdu Funny Sms Jokes Pakistani Jokes In Urdu Language but no Sexy, Dirty and Adult Urdu Jokes and Sms...Urdu Jokes are...

Top Jokes For You
TopJokes4u.com : A collection of top rated jokes i.e.Top Rated Jokes, New Jokes, Most Popular Jokes, Marriage Jokes, Naughty Jokes, Blonde Jokes, Marriage Jokes, Doctor Jokes, Mixed...

The BEST Jokes and Humor of the Year!
Best Jokes of the year, jokes and humor. The Years Last LAUGH!, THE GRAND PRIZE WINNER, THE SECOND BEST JOKE, THE THIRD BEST JOKE...Why are seagulls called seagulls?...

Urdu SMS Jokes
Here is the List of our all time fav. Urdu SMS jokes and messages! its popular specially in Pakistan and India. Don't Forget to Send it to Your Loved Ones. The site has 216 Urdu SMS Jokes and...

Daily Clean Joke
MyHumor.org provides daily funny, clean jokes, setting the standard for entertaining, great clean humor! Clean Humor at its Best! (Clean Humor). The jokes on this site are hilarious!. It...

Just Joking
Welcome to JustJoking.com, This site has a large selection of Jokes from dirty jokes and blonde jokes to clean jokes. Much of its content is of an adult nature, so please be advised if you...

Funny Jokes
Cool Funny Jokes, New Funny Jokes, Coolest Funny Jokes, Adult Jokes, Animal Jokes, Bar Jokes, Blonde Jokes, Computer Jokes, Dirty Jokes, Fart Jokes, Gender Jokes, Medical Jokes...



Sardar Jokes
Sardar Jokes, Adult Jokes, SMS Jokes & Dirty Jokes at StarBoxOffice-Timepass; Kya Bindaas hava chal rahi hai, Birdy gaana ga rahe hain, Cow log grass eat rahe hain, shayaane log SMS...

Top 10 Dumb Blonde Jokes
Top 10 Dumb Blonde Jokes, es, the top 10 blonde jokes of all time!, In reverse order - best last. The assistant asked the blonde if she would like her pizza cut into six pieces or twelve. "Six...


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